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Our Resonant Devices were featured on Japanese TV BS-Fuji's "Galileo X" on June 28, 2020.

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A Future Designed by Resonant Devices

Resonance is shaping our present and future. The unique frequencies of vibrating waves are what shape not just the ways we hear but also the ways we touch and feel, or so-called haptics. We're beginning to understand that this is how our reality is formed.

Haptic feedback from Resonant Devices allows us to shape and experience the future. That untapped potential is right here.

  • Achieve a high sense of realism and immersion through haptic effects in VR.

  • Realize emotionally impactful virtual communication

  • Incorporate extraordinary sensations, like those from futuristic sci-fi films, into everyday life


Tactile Sense

Experience a sense of realism and presence through vibration and haptics

  • Deliver realistic sensations,
    Diversified expressions,
    working together with the sound source

  • Easily express sensations such as
    "rough", "smooth", "heavy", and being "pulled"



Fully immersive sound brings about new ideas for designs

  • Complete immersion with less-directional sound

  • Intelligent integration with flat environments to
    create a seamless sound solution


What is a Resonant Device (LRA)?

LRAs are small oscillating devices that create a sophisticated vibration, a sense of touch and sound. They are a type of “virtual button” that can be found in smartphones, wearables, and game consoles. Resonant devices play a large role in enhancing realism and the sense of presence that users feel.

  • LRA – “Linear Resonant Actuator”

  • LRAs use the same principles as voice coils


The Best Solution for Tactile Expression

Resonant devices (LRAs) generate powerful, easy-to-use vibrations. Since they don’t use motors, they are also very low-noise devices. Compared to other vibrating devices (such as motorized oscillators/ERMs and piezo electric actuators), LRAs excel at tactile expression, especially in regards to the following points:

When compared to motorized oscillators/ERMs (Vibrating motors)

  • High degree of response, small feelings like clicks can be easily represented

  • Because LRAs have distinct individual directionality, vibrations can be transmitted to a specific point with ease

When compared with piezo (piezo electric actuators)

  • Capable of emitting low-frequency oscillations that can be felt by the human body

  • Low operating voltage and easy to handle


Why MinebeaMitsumi ?
The Strengths of Our Technologies and Resonant Devices

Strong Simulation Technology

  • Through a combination of magnetic and structural simulations, we achieve the most suitable design and optimal product capabilities

  • Our simulations allow us to quickly optimize custom designs while also enhancing performance

Proven Capabilities

  • We have comprehensive manufacturing experience accumulated from the long-term design and manufacturing of a wide variety of motor-related products and electronic devices. Using our team of experts, we have built a powerful production system.

Powerful and Creative Resonate Devices

  • The ultimate solution to optimal and unique structures tailored to each application

  • Eliminate unnecessary resonance with our unique patented technology

  • Complete designs faster and with more accuracy in collaboration with simulation

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