A Swing to Keep Chips in Check
Prevents Chips
from Becoming Entangled

Innovates Productivity and Work Processes
- A Swinging Nozzle - Wavy Nozzle

The technologies of MinebeaMitsumi
? an integrated manufacturer of high-precision components
- leads customers to business success


Have you ever had these problems?

Chips become entangled…

Damage to products!

Defect rate of even a few percent results in a big loss!
Something needs to be done!

Breakdown of cutting tools

Isn’t there a way to extend tool life and reduce costs?

Accuracy isn’t consistent!

Leftover chips during cutting need to be reduced!
Manpower for checking also needs to be reduced!

Chips are building up…

Cleaning is necessary!

It's automated but still needs to be stopped for cleaning!

The automated line has to be halted!

Chips are obstructing automated conveyance lines!
Something needs to be done!

The swinging nozzle sprays coolant and air, blowing away chips from the machining area.

This swinging nozzle sprays coolant and air, blowing away chips from the machining area.

The solution to problems caused by chips.


Reasons Why Wavy Nozzle is Chosen

Swinging nozzleeffectively removes chips near machining area

Markedly transforms productivity at component machining sites and work processes.

*Machining with air blow

Chips don't become entangled/accumulated

Increased machine operating efficiency and productivity

BEFOREMachines need to be stopped to clean out chips!
AFTERMachine stoppage frequency reducedContinuous automatic operation realized!
BEFOREThe automatic line keeps stopping!
AFTERError reduction during robot conveyancePromotes unmanned operations!

Fixed nozzle use

Chips are scattered within machines.

Chips are scattered within machines.

Wavy Nozzle use

Fewer leftover chips within machines.

Fewer leftover chips within machines.

Reduced machine stoppage frequency

Machine stoppage frequency for chip removal per shift

*Cutting process
Product: Shaft, Material: SUS303
*Data based on actual company results

Improved yield rate!

BEFOREProducts are damaged!
AFTERReduced scrapImproved yield rate!
BEFOREAccuracy is inconsistent!
AFTERReduces quality inconsistency and minimizes wasteContributes to reduced costs & effective use of manpower

Reduces component dimension defects

Defect rate of component length

*Cutting process
Material: S45C: Dimension inspections of 3,500 parts
*Data based on client results

Reduced breakdown of cutting tools!!

BEFORECutting tools suddenly break down!
AFTERReduced chip entanglement of cutting toolsRealizes longer life of cutting tools!

Fixed nozzle use

Wavy Nozzle use

Wavy Nozzle

A Swinging nozzle eliminates chips and related issues

An innovative idea of guiding chips in one direction and making them less likely to become entangled…

To address “costs/efficiency/work processes”
at metal machining sites.

MinebeaMitsumi's Wavy Nozzle transforms the productivity
and work processes of manufacturing sites.

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